About Us

In 1774, the Warren Association voted to receive an annual collection for widows and orphans. The Charitable Society was incorporated in 1821 when Mrs. Sparhawk bequeathed $1,000. By 1883, the Society was supporting 31 widows and was overdrawn by $395.41.

In 1916, an annual communion offering was instituted by Baptist churches to support the Society in aiding the independence of clergy widows. Beginning in 1939 this communion offering was split 50/50 with the Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board. In 1964, MMBB initiated the Retired Ministers and Missionaries annual offering, and the 50/50 split was discontinued.

In 1992, "widows" was changed to "spouses" and the charter was expanded to include spouses, ex-spouses, children and other dependents. Grants became available to Baptist clergy toward repayment of educational loans in 1996. This program was expanded in 2000 to include clergy who are in accredited post-Master of Divinity programs.

In response to increased medical and prescription drug costs, the Society made grants available to retired TABCOM clergy for assistance with non-reimbursed health care expenses, beginning in 2001. An annual grants are also available for non-reimbursed dental expenses and hearing aids.

In 2018, eligibility for widow/widower annuitant grants was raised to $50,000 in income and $100,000 in assets (not including home and car). In addition, this benefit was extended, in 2001, to include retired clergy who are single. Retired TABCOM clergy and spouses may also be eligible for an annuitant grant.

In 2002, grants became available to children of TABCOM clergy (ages 16-24) to participate in a Career Finder program at the Center for Career Development and Ministry.

Executive Committee

President—The Rev. Ruth Harvey
Vice President—The Rev. Nathaniel Burnes

Auditor—The Rev. Dr. David Kilpatrick

Executive Secretary Wendy Maxfield

Treasurer   Douglas Tatreau

Association Trustees/Representatives

Adonirum Judson:
The Rev. Julie Flowers

The Rev. David Anderson

Boston Southwest:
The Rev. Larry P. Showalter

The Rev.

Merrimack Valley:

Old Colony:
The Rev. Gary T. Ludwig

Pioneer Valley:
The Rev. Patrick McMahon

Samuel Stillman:

Trustees-at-Large                                 Investment

   •  The Rev. Jennifer Flagg
   •  The Rev. Dr. William Hill

      Mr. Lennart Long

      Rev. James Sinclair

      Mr. Douglas Tatreau